making braNds an Appreciating asset.

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We know THE power OF 
BRANDING, so we wield it

History itself has shown us how powerful marketing and branding can be. Both in a positive and negative way. It can truly impact and mold people's hearts and minds. Hitler’s rise to power is a case study taught to many a design student, as well as the recent election of Donald Trump, both greatly affected, and influenced by both branding and marketing.

Scary but true!

We have had many years of hands-on experience in launching and marketing great brands: From helping great leaders like Nelson Mandela to get elected as Prime Minister; helping to launch some now truly enormous international brands; convincing communities that sustainability has value–for the biggest companies in the southern hemisphere–as well as turning down enormous budgets on cigarette campaigns. 

Working on and seeing the outcomes over many years, has solidified our belief in the power of branding and marketing. We know it’s power. So we choose to wield it carefully and deliberately.

dinergy* is not just our name–it’s our philosophy. “Separate forces coming together for the purpose of life and growth”. We have customer relationships that span many, many years, and continents–growing lifelong partnerships and friendships is in our DNA. We strive to leave the world and the people we partner–and the customers they serve–better than we found them. This is not optional at dinergy*.

dinergy* will develop the roadmap as well as the creative that literally brings the brand to life. Our partnerships create great brands driven by relevance. Using creativity to create a powerful impact on our shared world. We want to help our customers confidently take control of their future. 

dinergy*s ultimate goal is to create great brands, with less hassle and stress. Creating a valuable ongoing company, improving profitability now, and the wealth of an appreciating asset in the future all adding up to the best ROI possible. When we say ROI, we don’t mean only financial. We mean a future that benefits your world, adding value to your customers as well as your back pocket. Creating a legacy that as partners we can be truly proud of! All of these separate forces coming together to create a better life and growth.



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Our Clients



Using an integrated approach to branding expansion. Events that explored the coke feeling…

Yellow Pages

Web UI design, award winning direct marketing and advertising including Sensis 1234 launch campaign.

Australian Defense Force

Recruitment for the Australian Defence Force ADFA. Website skin and UI, design collateral, EDM, print and web banner advertising.


Launching several new paper grades – from the worlds largest paper manufacturer. Name development, branding, promotion and advertising.