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dinergy* is an award winning advertising, design, promotions, direct marketing, print broking and product sourcing agency and we won’t sell you any of it. Effectively meeting your business and marketing objectives is our sole purpose. dinergy* was founded by Barry Robertson and Shelly Lazar in 1994 to provide a fully integrated communication service to its clients. 

Sounds expensive... maybe not!

We have a firm belief that we are partners with our clients. And as partners we understand that budgets are often tight at the beginning of a product or service launch. In light of this we offer a remuneration package that suits us both. We assess the project, evaluate the time and risk to initiate the campaign and if it meets our criteria, we invest in you for no up-front fee. We take a long term view and agree to be paid 5% on gross income, paid monthly. This means it costs you nothing until the product starts making money or you secure funding - freeing up cash-flow and more importantly allowing you and dinergy* to be more proactive in the early stages. A risky strategy for us, but if we believe in you we both win. Another benefit is that you can use dinergy* to produce the required collateral to secure funding without the usual up-front costs.

Any conversation about the cost of rebranding should begin with a reminder that at the end of the day, rebranding is not a cost, but rather an investment. One that, if done properly, will yield exponential returns over the life of your business. The truth is, when it comes to rebranding, no two company’s needs are the same. An effective rebranding initiative must be custom tailored to your brand’s unique challenges and opportunities. Wherever your needs fall on the rebranding spectrum, though, the most important advice we can give is not to cut corners.

If you’re going to invest in a rebrand, it’s always in your best interest to spend the time and money to do it right. Any savings you realise in the short term by taking shortcuts are sure to cost you exponentially more in the long run.
There are three options here: 
1 Client can supply us with a detailed creative strategy and brief.
2 We can help to generate this - if needed a Cost Estimate for scoping the project will be produced at this stage.
3 We can help by supplying an own in-house marketing director to work in your office and fulfill a Marketing Director role if required. Monthly fees will be negotiated at this point.

How much does it all cost?

We are flexible in our remuneration. 
1 Hourly rates.
Pay as you go.
2 Cost Estimates.
Based on an estimation of hours per project.
3 Risk reversal.
Remuneration based on a percentage of turnover.
4 Annual budget.
Supplied by client and allocated to agreed projects. 

We feel however, that the best way to stretch our client’s budget is to understand what their budget is upfront. Then to get as much value as possible out of every cent, using economies of scale where possible, ensuring that all the key areas of their business plan are addressed. When we know that all the intended bases are covered, we can adjust the allocation of budgets to put money into areas of most importance that can best drive results. 

Most clients believe that by getting agencies to quote on the job they will get a better price. This is never the case, though few clients believe this. If agencies drive the costing of projects, they inevitably try to overcompensate to make sure results are achieved and this inevitably costs more than the client wanted to spend. If a client opts for an upfront cost estimate or retainer, we will endeavor to do all the work within a pre-arranged cost estimate or monthly retainer.

On some occasions we are open to negotiating a risk reversal option whereby dinergy* is only paid on the results that a particular direct response type campaign achieves. This would mean that we would receive an agreed percentage of each sale that is achieved from our campaign. This option gives the client the best opportunity to trial different adverts, headlines, creative etc… as it is in both our interests to get a return on the advert. This could become expensive if quoted on an hourly basis. It takes all the upfront risk out of any marketing strategy. Certain clients feel they are giving away a percentage of their company with this option, which is understandable. But we feel that it gives the process a great amount of fluidity and often is a win-win situation for clients, you will make all decisions. At no time will dinergy* own any percentage of your company.

We use your budget as effectively as possible to get the best ROI – for now and the future.

Extensive senior experience in ‘big agencies’ equipped us with insider knowledge, an awareness of the shortcomings of existing approaches and the ability to create a way of doing business better. The model we developed and refined actually serves clients better and produces superior results for better value.

The truth about big agencies 

Though conventional thinking says big is good, the reality is different.

Big agencies inevitably get junior staff to do the actual creative work and have cumbersome internal structures in order to operate and serve their clients. Massive amounts of time are spent and wasted internally trying to communicate with themselves. The result is that big agencies are slow and expensive. 
Big agencies or specialist agencies have vested interests in particular media as their sources of income. 

Observing these phenomena first-hand, it became apparent that the solution lies in taking the best from both worlds. dinergy* has the agility and immediacy of a small agency, with extensive big agency insight, knowledge and experience at a senior level. Multi-award winning ‘heavyweight’ creative talent, in both brand expresion- and brand expansion. With over 20+ years experience in Europe, Australia and Africa, we offer the same or better creative standard as a big agency but at better value. And our unique complement of skills and boutique agency size equips us to make a singular proposition. dinergy* offers single-minded brand communication with a single point of accountability and the full advantages of integrated thinking. Combining these forces achieves optimal results.

A single point of accountability means you don’t have to consume your time managing a process across numerous agencies with different services, all fighting for a share of your budget, all trying to have their creative input to justify their existence. More people require more management, more time, more repetition and more communication just to get your work out. One of the benefits of dinergy* is that the process is easier for you to manage. 

Historically, advertising agencies have had vested interest in recommending particular media. This leads to a narrowing of the field of vision and a reduction in the options that are considered or offered to the client. Clearly, this isn’t in the interests of the client or the brand. 

The best use of integrated thinking however is to encompass brand expression with every possible brand expansion channel, such as:  social media, EDM, relationship marketing, business- to-business, direct-mail, ambient media, internal communication, PR, promotions and incentives as well as traditional design, including corporate identity, brochures, branding & packaging, together with mobile and viral marketing and more. 

dinergy* has the uncommon advantage of first-hand, in-depth and in-house knowledge across an exceptional range of media and applications. We only entrust a few very senior staff members to do your work.We’ve developed this capacity by keeping our senior creative people directly responsible for the creative product, instead of losing their intelligence - and reducing their learning curve - by relegating them to management roles, as is the norm.

Unlike traditional agencies we do not need to sell any particular service to grow our company and we have no vested interests in using particular media. 

dinergy* gives an unbiased opinion on where it is best to spend your budget. Thanks to this inherent integrity, our client relationships are firmly built on trust. We have no alliance to any one discipline. Instead we draw on our experience across multiple disciplines to make informed choices as targeted as possible, with unusual depth and breadth of knowledge, we only offer what is most effective - because we can. 

Very few agencies are in a position to offer this creative scope. In fact, there are no other agencies that we are aware of in Australia with such a spectrum of services on offer in-house. 

You can’t trust someone who knows nothing about your strategy to create, communicate and promote your brand. Branding is valuable - so make sure you do it well! 

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Your growth is our growth. Stay on target and squeeze as much out of your budget as possible. Spend on what's effective - because when you do well, we do well.



Great brands drive business growth, demand a premium, reduce risk and are a living appreciating asset. Create your own brand strategy with our proven formula.



Great brands drive business growth, demand a premium, reduce risk and are a living appreciating asset. Create your own brand strategy with our proven formula.