finally, hair
is rewarded for good bhaviour




When it comes to looking after a woman’s hair there’s no room for mistakes. It’s her pride and joy. It’s an extension of her self worth. Her crown. If you mess with her hair you’d better treat it with respect. If not - watch out.

So when a startup hair products manufacturer approached dinergy with a new concept in hair care we had to rewrite the rules. We needed customers trust, loyalty and most of all their love. We helped create Bhave. A range of hair products that fills a not so radical niche in the market—it’s not about us, it’s about you. Your hair. Your life. Your rules.

Dinergy* created the name, the branding, the packaging, the marketing, the B2B communication, the advertising and the online presence of one of Australia’s fondest success stories. Now in numerous international markets, dinergy* rolls out customised communication to suite the market.


Name development
Visual Identity
Style guides
MarKeting collateral


Packaging development
Retail + Professional

Monthly specials and EDM’s to salons have created personalised and loyal relationships—keeping hairdressers and their clients happy. Innovative new product developments, money making advice and prompt service, is bhaves goal.

Brand consistency across multiple channels is maintained with dinergy*s integrated approach. A centralised brand strategy allows each peace of communication to align. Building, embellishing and growing the bhave brand.

Trust is a measure of our success. Trust by the consumer and trust in the process that dinergy* has with the client. It allows for seamless expression and fast and effective reaction to trends and market needs.


catalogues and manuals

POS and posters

Styling products

product development


web development


web development
UI and UX
location specific adaptations for international wholsale


product brochures


carry bags
shelf talkers
Retail P.O.S.


retail and professional




Your growth is our growth.
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