Creating brand strength.


Can WE create a great brand for you?

Branding is in our blood! Our experience comes from working in internationally acclaimed agencies for many years. Culminating at one of the world’s top 5 agencies, Hunt Lascaris TBWA, a subsidiary of Interbrand. We learned about branding from the get-go, from the world-leaders on creating brand value.  

It was here, in a cutting edge and market leading environment, that Barry won heaps of awards and where we came to understand branding, brand personas, design thinking, customer experience and customer journeys in all its forms and how much exponential value it can add.  

Our thorough understanding of this principle has grown into a distinctive approach that is exemplary of integrated marketing and delivers exceptional quality, value and results.  Over the last 20+ years we have seen great brands fulfill their customers greatest needs, ensure growth, reduce risk, increase loyalty and improve profitability.

dinergy* was created with the intention of implementing curated brand strategies, in an even more deliberate ways, partnering with great clients to create powerful brands. Together we created living, appreciating assets that served the world, the customer as well as our clients. Giving our clients the best ROI .

So how do we make sure that we're doing this? We looked to the Interbrand,  brand valuation model. Interband was the first company to have it’s brand valuation methodology certified by the ISO, It has also played a key role in defining and developing the standards for brand valuation itself.


By measuring ourselves according to these sectors we can make sure the brands we work on, become brands our clients could be truly proud of.

dinergy* makes sure your brand excels in these 10 sectors in order to grow, reduce risk, be profitable, differentiate and create a living valuable asset. 

How we help



You can’t effectively create a visual identity system without first defining the key elemental components of your brand.

Your internal marketing department would usually brief a brand strategist/marketer who would usually create the brand platform. They would then brief an agency client service director, who would in turn brief the creative director who would usually brief the graphic designer to create the visual identity system. At dinergy* this is all done in-house. One senior team of two people always working directly on your brand. We then understand all the foundations as we helped create them. Making sure that all the components are a correct and a robust representation of the brand. 

We are a lean senior team with years of hands-on experience. dinergy* has the capability to have one team oversee the strategy and all creative from end to end. Based on internal capabilities, you need to live by, eat, breathe and sleep your values. By truly understanding and helping to create the brand values, proposition and positioning as well as getting a good understanding of customer insights, through research, the senior creative, team leader will be able to truly understand and  implement that strategy. We will help you define the brand story. 


As we said earlier this is a friendship as well as a partnership.

We really want you to succeed and come away feeling you got more than you expected. So by going through our “Create a brand strategy” we help make sure that you understand how crucial it is that the product, service and internal structures are relevant and committed to creating a strong brand. Trying to help you understand why this adds huge value.

But at the end of the day seeing the value in this process is partly based on my ability to educate you on it, as well as your decision that you will have to make for yourselves internally with all your stakeholders. We know and have seen the dividends it pays in the short term and well into the future. If together, we can achieve this then we will create a single minded team, both internally and externally with dinergy*. A good position to create brand strength. 


By completing your “create a brand strategy”,  you will have a single source of information, that has been created, and approved by yourselves as well as dinergy*. All your collateral and thinking in one place. Internally and externally, driving towards a goal with a road map everyone can use.
You can either:
1. Brief us to do the “create a brand strategy” with you, use dinergy*s years of experience to create a brand platform for you, let us do your branding, pay-off line, website, marketing. Managed by us, saving you the time, effort and money of an internal marketing department. In other words, all of creative, from start to scale at dinergy* making the governance simple and seamless.
2. Brief us to do the “create a brand strategy” with you, use dinergy*s years of experience to create a brand platform for you. We can then create a website with all this information, including your brand, pay off line, colourways etc. where you can go onto brief other external partners, creatives etc.  The website will have the brand platform and creative assets. You can load all new assets as they are produced to this website.
3.  Brief us to do the “create a brand strategy” with you. You can use dinergy*s brand platform in the complete phase to be the platform from which you brief any other partners you prefer to work with. 4. You can work through the “create a brand strategy “ documents yourselves.

Governance: Easy Peasy!


A boutique agency with very senior experienced staff across all of strategy and creative can pivot quickly and well.

Having the same senior staff create and live the brand strategy and creative alleviates the need for :
1. Tedious repetitive briefing/ fact gathering sessions.
2. Trying to coordinate different teams and companies
3. Making sure they all understand the strategy and deliver consistent creative.
4. Wasting time with a large room for error. Making it hard to respond quickly to change while still holding onto the brand's integrity. 

Hence dinergy*s model. Communication will be made easier to manage. It will be a quicker process that is more effective, because we have been around the block, we get it right faster and better. The benefit - a stress free process, with our proven track record. THEN we can create a “great” brand. One that is unstoppable.



AUTHENTICITY is a key driving factor for the success of a great brand. We can give you the “create a brand strategy with dinergy*” framework to do this, but your part in this is making sure you are brutally truthful when creating your values.

You take a good hard look at what your strengths and weaknesses are, and make absolutely sure you are able to deliver on your promise as well as your “Reasons to Believe.” Time consuming work- but worth it in the long run. 


Through our brand strategy and creative approaches, we make sure that the brand delivers on your customers expectations, wants and needs. We will work together to understand the customer's journey with your brand.

Understands their wants and needs. We then make sure that your unique selling proposition and tone as well as your visual representation of your brand is aligned with your ideal target audience and the journey they are on. Together we will Make sure both your company and our branding and communications are integrated across all 9P,s: product, People, place, price, promotion, platform, program, partnership and pedigree. We will make them aware, help them decide to purchase and then delight them.Creating an ongoing loyal relationship with customers based on knowledge and trust.


A great brand will help consumers to easily understand what they are buying, differentiating your brand from your competitor’s.

Creativity makes you stand out and builds brands. In all its forms - concept, design, copy-writing, typography, photography, animation and more - creativity literally gives shape and form to a brand. The effective use of creativity, therefore, distinguishes brands, sustaining and evolving them over time. 

Your commitment to great products and solutions, with meaningful and relevant customer service, together with our commitment to award winning creative and efficacy,  will differentiate you from the crowd. We approach every job individually and take every single piece of work very seriously in order to make each project as creative and well crafted as possible. Entertaining and captivating creative collateral, as well as tailor made solutions are an important ongoing factor for your brands success. Each and every brand strategy needs to be approached from a unique point of view. So there is no “cookie-cutter” here. Each brand needs (and MUST) be unique to survive! The cookie cutter, Smash and grab “ marketing gurus' ' out there are an expensive short term solution at best. 


A brand is the sum total of every interaction a customer has with you, your business and product.

The essence of a brand is perception and feeling. These intangible qualities are shaped by very tangible means. Every piece of communication with your customer affects the growth of your brand. The more unified the brand message, the more loyalty there is. Greater loyalty leads to less shopping around by the potential target market. A powerful brand can charge a premium while a diluted brand offers more chance for parity products to take over.

Imagine if all communication for your brand could come from one mind, equipped with the best skills, clarity, precision and creativity to produce the results you want. This is the essence of single-mindedness. 

It is achieved by removing impediments to effective thinking, maintaining high focus in creative development and dropping unnecessary agency personnel from the process. Our clients get direct access to the lead creative doing their work. No client service means there is faster turnaround time and less likelihood of miscommunication. 

Combining these achieves optimal results.

Single Minded is at our core

One team leader oversees all creative from start to scale. You can’t get more consistent than that. The question you ask is, how? Because this is our background. Our training and our passion. It is this 360 degree perspective that we have used to launch and grow many successful brands. And won many international awards doing it. We start by creating a strategy then we live that.  dinergy* is then able to create corporate look and feel, brand identity, tone of voice and brand guidelines including, typographic style, colour way, logo design and collateral. It is not about the medium or platform, it's about the story we tell.

Dinergy is an advertising agency that won’t sell you advertising.

A digital agency that won’t sell you websites. 

A direct marketing agency that won’t sell you direct marketing. 

A design studio that won’t sell you design. 

We have no predisposed loyalty to any one communication discipline

Our loyalty is only to what will most effectively help our clients achieve their business and marketing objectives. Essentially we believe: ”only by understanding the whole can you appreciate the role of the parts. Only by understanding the parts can you effectively construct the whole.“ For example, marketing, research, strategic planning, media objectives and creativity are all very different elements in the mix of any campaign. They all have equal importance and very different roles to play; but with dinergy they have only one purpose; to achieve the best outcome for your clients, the best for the world we live in and growth and loyalty for your service, brand or product.



Your growth is our growth. Stay on target and squeeze as much out of your budget as possible. Spend on what's effective - because when you do well, we do well.



Great brands drive business growth, demand a premium, reduce risk and are a living appreciating asset. Create your own brand strategy with our proven formula.



Great brands drive business growth, demand a premium, reduce risk and are a living appreciating asset. Create your own brand strategy with our proven formula.